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On these pages you will see the things we do and things we sell. Any enquiry you make about things we sell is without obligation so, feel free to ask!

The word "agencies" in our name means we are an agent for the sale of other peoples goods, imported or manufactured in Australia. If you would like us to be an agent for you, let's discuss it!

We also make things and / or get them made. There is no limit! Want something and can't find someone to make it? Try us!

Do you want something that we don't have listed as available from us? We can get anything! Try us!

Since this is a web-based, electronic, decentralised, business, we prefer to deal with customers by email and customers to pay electronically by funds transfer or credit card. However, we can speak to you by phone if you wish and you can send us cheques and money orders and all that stuff! It can take a bit longer though!

You will see that as well as running a business that gets things for people, we also enjoy doing things that are a bit out of the ordinary and we like to share these experiences with you!

Click your way through these pages and at least give us some feedback!

If it is difficult or someone says you can't do it, then it is definitely worth doing!

It's what we're

     good at!

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Wilderness Agencies is a result of evolution.

From the 1970's to the mid 90's we ran safaris to the wildest places in Australia. That's where the experience of overcoming obstacles and getting you to hard-to-get-to places comes from.

From the mid 1990's we led and organised expeditions for the Australian Naturalist Expedition Society Inc. That's how we know how to make your travel experience happen.

At the same time we sold parts for and repaired Land Rovers and other four wheel drives. Always at a better price than anyone else.

This is where the experience of sourcing things comes from.

Throw in experience in building houses, driving trains, building and flying aircraft, blacksmithing, astro navigation, dressmaking, restaurant cooking, landscaping, and a few other things and you realise that we know a bit about a number of things.

As well as that we have had to survive in wild places in other parts of the world.

We've been Wilderness Agencies since 1992. For 20 years before that we were Wild Country Safaris.

So, you want help with some problem you have? Need something?


Want to talk about it but the STD call will be expensive? Email us with your name and home or business number and we'll call you. No obligation.  Just click on any box on this website and an email box will open.

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