One of our tour groups.

Near the flaming cliffs.

Camel riding. (optional)

Inside a ger

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Our Mongolian Adventure tours have been designed specifically for adventurous, and special

interest travellers.

I, Allen, am an Australian with 50 years of overland travel experience. Over the past years I have travelled extensively in Mongolia and am now conducting tours in co-operation with Mongolians friends. I am not a travel agent, I am the tour facilitator. I personally lead some tours and my Mongolian associates take care of everything on others. Read the following information then click the link to me at the bottom of the page for answers to any other questions you have. My main purpose is to give you a tour at a price you can afford and to help my Mongolian friends to achieve their goals of operating tours to make a living.

When do the tours go? You can join one of the tours which I guide personally, or go on a date of your choice, for as long as you wish, anytime between June 1st and mid September, where the availability is only governed by a minimum number of travellers.      That minimum is 4.

You can travel any time of the year, but the above period has the most pleasant weather.

The first tour for 2024 begins July 1. For 27 days. Maximum participants 9. The 2nd tour will begin August

5 for 16 days to central and northern Mongolia. Contact us for the itineraries and exact costs and get a nice surprise!  The average, all inclusive cost is $100 per day.  We run the best tours and have the lowest price. Our past participants testimonials will assure you that we give the best value for money..

Will the weather be hot or cold? In the period mentioned above, it will vary from 18c by day and 5c at night to 35c by day and 18c at night. September can have some cold nights/mornings. The weather is very changeable and some nights can suddenly be very cold.

Where do the tours go in Mongolia? In the capital Ulaanbaatar, we visit the world class museums, monasteries and palaces to give you an understanding of the rich history and culture of the Mongolian people, how they arrived at their present way of life and fortunes. Also an insight into the environmental diversity of this amazing country, called, "Home of the Dinosaurs", "Land of Blue Sky".

Away from the capital, we visit the following places.  Choir, Baga-Gazriin-Chuluu, Bayan Zag and the Flaming cliffs, Dalanzadgad, Yolan Am, Khongoran Els, Bogd, Avarkheer, Bayankhongor, Khakhorin, Tsererleg, Khustain National Park, Terkhiin-saagan-Nuur, Khuvgul-Nuur, Moron, Tsagaan-Suvraga, Bayandalay, Guchin Us,Sum-Khokh-Burd, Gurvan Saikhan National Park,

We don't usually visit all of these places on a single tour. If you would like to visit all of these places you can add-on extra days at a low cost to include them, either as an extension of the original tour or another short tour preceding or following the original. This can be prior arranged or added in Mongolia.

What is the accommodation like?    In Ulaan Baatar, we stay in LG GUESTHOUSE,  very modern, well appointed accommodation with bunk beds, single beds and double beds. There is a minor variation in cost for single and double choices. The amenities are modern and immaculate, easily as good as staying in a hotel  On the tour, accommodation varies. We carry tents for nights on the steppe. We stay in hotels, ger camps and with Mongolian herder families.

What is the food like? Mongolians eat mainly meat and all the local meals contain large amounts of it, mainly mutton from goats. They eat very few vegetables. We carry some foods from the capital and source food from markets and shops in the small towns. We aim to give you a good variety of meals, which will include fruit and vegetables and eating the local diet. In the capital we eat in restaurants about the city and at our accommodation. WE CATER FOR VEGETARIANS.

Who prepares the meals when we are travelling away from civilization?

All participants are expected to take some part in meal preparation. The cook will be in charge but there will be things to do like cutting things up, stirring, peeling.

Is it safe? It is as safe as Australia.

Do many people speak English? No.

How much does it cost? Our tours are all inclusive from Ulaan Bataar. Please contact us for the current cost . Your travel agent will arrange your flights to and from Mongolia or we can help you make your own flight bookings.

What does "all inclusive mean"? It means that everything is supplied. All meals, entry fees, travel, guides, accommodation. What is not included is Alcoholic drinks, other bottled drinks, souvenirs, medical requirements, personal clothing and toiletries, cigarettes, fines for offences, reading matter, personal snack food.

What about buying souvenirs?

Souvenirs are available in quantity in the capital, from lonely artisans in remote locations that we visit and from stall keepers at the few popular attractions.

We will involve you in buying goods at markets and will take you to the huge "Black" market in Ulaanbataar.

What is our mode of transport? We travel in four-wheel-drive vehicles, Japanese, Korean and Russian. There are very few made roads in Mongolia.

Soft sand in the Gobi and steep, rocky  tracks in some places, as well as numerous stream crossings, both wet and dry, make four wheel drive a necessity.

Is there an age limit?

No! Many older westerners find the pace of tours conducted by Mongolians, far too tiring. This is one of the reasons we have created these tours. If you can walk 500 metres and don't have any respiratory problems, you can take this holiday!

Photography.    The Mongolian air is clear and most days are sunny. On these tours there is always time to stop for photos as often as you like. This is one of the most important aspects of your trip.


If you provide us with a  phone number in Australia, we are happy to phone you. There is no obligation to travel.