The AQUAPHOR weighs only 200 grams  and will fit in your pocket.

We import the AQUAPHOR water filter/purifier from Russia, specifically for travellers. Russia leads the world in water filtration technology! These were developed for officers of the Russian army.

The important points about these filters are:-

They are small and light and unbreakable.

They are foolproof! You can also use them in your home.

These filters can't be taken apart and fiddled with and so you can't muck them up. You don't clean them, just use them. If you are filtering water with bad pathogens in it do you want to be handling what has been filtered out? Not I!

Each filter will filter 1,000 litres of clear water before clogging and then you throw it away.

I had carried out expeditions for naturalists in outback Australia for 25 years before I found these filters. On every expedition someone in the group would have a stomach problem and sometimes all of us. After I got the filters and we used them on every trip, we have had not one person ill in 10 years!

If you don't want to get ill, then use an AQUAPHOR!

Personal Water Purifiers.

Getting water from a well in the Gobi Desert.

A waterhole on the edge of the Simpson Desert.

Cows shit in it and some die in it! If you needed water would you drink it? You need an


Above is Lake Baikal, Siberia, holding 1/6 of the world's fresh water! (Picture taken from our camp in 2007)

Do you have any idea what is in the water you drink when you are away from home?

Are these people washing their cars upstream from your water source?

So light and easy to use, they are never a burden when bush walking. Because you can take your water from any source, you don't have to lug several heavy waterbottles! Just  one you fill whenever you want!

Using it on a garden tap

A few squeezes on the hand bulb and purified water is flowing.

Using the bag is so easy. You can have a rest for 5 minutes while 2 litres of water are purified.

As you can see in the pictures above, the AQUAPHOR is very small and portable.

It is also very STRONG, so it wont break no matter how badly you treat it!

Leave it on the ground and drive a car over it? No worries, it wont break!

Inside the AQUAPHOR the filter medium is a product called AQUALEN,

A PATENTED product that is created from granulated, activated, carbon FIBRE.

This is different from/to what is in other filters because the fibre, when converted

to carbon, has a different structure to normal granulated carbon and because of this

can actually trap and kill the harmful bacteria that you are removing from the water.

(With an ordinary carbon filter, the bacteria removed are alive in the filter, feed on

the other debris filtered out and multiply. This means that you eventually have such a

high concentration of bacteria in your filter that the 1% that get through is a very high

number and your water is at risk.)


Carry one with you in your car for the day when you need some water and all there is around is a swampy  pool or a roadside puddle .

Be smart and stay healthy by drinking only clean, chemical and pollutant free water.

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  How much is it? ..Would you believe, only $33.00?

It is  $40.00 posted and the bag, if you want that, is $5.00 more.

  How cheap is peace of mind? 4.5 cents per litre!

This is what you get.

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We use them ourselves where-ever we go. We filter town water to get rid of chlorine and wild water to remove pesticides, oil, excess minerals, heavy metals, waterborne pathogens and fine particles of animal and vegetable debris that you can hardly see. We always know our water is clean whether we are in Sydney or the Gobi Desert! Do you know your drinking water is clean?