This is a great opportunity to see one of the most fabulous parts of Asia at an amazingly low price by travelling with us in 2016!

The tours we personally lead are up to 28 days of full-on experience! The sights, sounds, smells and the "Real Feel" of Mongolia, the "Green Desert", The Gobi, the land virtually without roads or roadsigns. Or, on a tour designed by us for you, to suit your needs and available time.

From the capital, Ulaanbaatar to the towns of the mountains and desert


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Camping, staying with locals, in hotels and ger camps.

Self contained travel in our own transport with our own

Mongolian drivers.


Mongolia is not the place for luxury and 5 star services but it is certainly a very interesting place to visit. Can you believe that modern Mongolian nomads still wear old fashioned traditional clothing in their everyday life, like the people in the pictures to the left?

We first visited Mongolia in 2007, driving from Vladivostok to Europe in our Land Rover. We made a lot of friends and saw a lot of this spectacular country before continuing back into Russia and on to Kazakhstan.

We have 40 years experience of  running safaris and expeditions in Australia, the last 15 years conducting expeditions for theAustralian            Naturalist Expedition Society. In 2009 we led an expedition in Mongolia for society members.                            At the same time we established contacts to make it easier to show the wild                                   places of Mongolia to Australian people and we have conducted tours  in                                             Mongolia since then.  Now, for 2017, we again offer overland tours in Mongolia,                              some of which we lead personally and others that are carried out                                                           by our Mongolian                                                    partners. These tours are special in that they take into                                                                 

                                                                        consideration the needs of the adventurous                                                             

                                                                       and special interest travellers. Our desire is to   

                                                                       give you an experience you will never forget.

                                                    .                  Scenes that will keep your camera to your eye.

                                                                       When you leave Mongolia, at the end of your

                                                                       visit, you will have an understanding of the

                                                                        Life and Culture, photos of the people and

                                                                        places and a wealth of memories and feelings

                                                                         evoked by your journey through this amazing


The music you hear is Mongolian Throat Singing accompanied by Horse Head Fiddle.

You can visit any part of Mongolia at any time you wish and we can make it happen for you.

We are not travel agents, we are Australians who operate tours in Mongolia with our Mongolian associates. All the arrangements are made in Mongolia.