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We welcome Overland Travellers to "The Wilderness", our home in Queensland, Australia.

Whether you are travelling in a truck, or a little car, you are welcome to visit.

At some times of the year only a truck or a 4X4 vehicle can get to our home, so we don't give directions until you contact us to say you would like to come.

For those people who are from outside of Australia, if you want to leave your vehicle while you go home for a rest or another reason, ask us about leaving it here, with us.

"The Wilderness" is a piece of land in almost it's virgin state. With around 150 hectares rainforest and the rest wet sclerophyl forest, it truly is a wilderness.

We live in a rammed earth house with solar power and water from the property's creek. Our internet connection is directly to a satellite, our phone is radio connected. No wires come to The Wilderness.

We are halfway between Brisbane and Cairns, not far from the coastal highway, 300 metres above sea level and 20km from the beach. If you are going north, contact us from Rockhampton. Going south, from Airlie beach or Proserpine.

We meet lots of travellers on our journeys in other parts of the world and in the wild parts of Australia. As travellers ourselves, we know what it is like travelling for long periods. If we can assist you in some way, we will.   Just ask.


PHONE US. 07 4950 2182

We are overland travelers ourselves.

Where have we been?

Most of Australia, Korea, Siberia, Mongolia,

Kazakhstan, Russia, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Vietnam, Kyrgzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbijan, Georgia, Britian, Serbia, Canada, Plus a few more. Some of these places we have visited several times.

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